North Andover Booster Club is a youth sports organization in North Andover, Massachusetts. NABC offers football, flag football, cheerleading, basketball, softball, field hockey, wrestling and volleyball

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Our mission is to create an environment where players of all ages and abilities will have an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of softball. This is a recreation and development program with age divisions to approximate skill level and travel team competition for those players so inclined.  We also look for continual improvement in the program and will evaluate program structure, participation, etc. every year to look for ways to match our mission.  


Grades 1-2 (Instructional League)

In this division, girls will learn the basics of softball, such as catching, throwing, fielding, baserunning, and hitting. No experience is necessary. Emphasis is on having fun. Teams will have one weekday practice and one weekend game each week. There are 10-11 games, usually scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Coaches will pitch, and every girl will bat and play the field each inning.


Grades 3-4 (Rookie League)

In this division, girls will continue to master the fundamental skills while having fun. Teams will have one to two practices per week and one to two games per week. There are 12-14 games, typically on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. (Games against Andover, Haverhill, and Lawrence may be on other days.) Girls will pitch, record outs, and keep score. Sliding and advancing on passed balls are introduced.


Grades 5-6(Junior League)

In the junior division, we continue to support our philosophy of a positive experience and welcome players of all abilities. We build on the finer elements of all positions. An increased focus is placed on pitching and catching drills, base running, and proper swing techniques. Each player must play at least 2 innings in the infield. Juniors also play other towns, and stealing and bunting become a more active aspect of the game. Games vary but are generally held Thursdays and Saturdays. There may also be games on some Tuesdays and Sundays. This division holds a draft, so we cannot accommodate any player-pairing requests. Teams are announced in early April. 


Grades 7-8(Senior League)

Players of all ages and abilities will have an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of softball. In the senior division, we play in an inter-town league with Andover, Lawrence, and Haverhill. This is the final division prior to high school level play, but we continue to welcome players of all abilities, and good sportsmanship is paramount. The game is faster, particularly in the area of pitching, and base running becomes an increasingly important aspect as there are no limits to stealing or bunting. Pitching and catching are specific positions which players must consistently practice. It’s a 12-14 game schedule including a multi-town tournament and in-town championship at the end of the season. The commitment is 3-4 times per week, primarily 3X per week w/an optional coach's practice where a specific skill might be practiced. This division also holds a draft to ensure even teams, so we cannot accommodate player-pairing requests. Teams are announced the first week of April.