North Andover Booster Club is a youth sports organization in North Andover, Massachusetts. NABC offers football, flag football, cheerleading, basketball, softball, field hockey, wrestling and volleyball

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For over 60 years the North Andover Booster Club (NABC) has been delivering quality athletic programs to the youth of our town. Starting in 1950 with 15 players on the first youth baseball team (Pirates) the Booster Club now provides sporting opportunities to over 1300 young men and women in the sports of basketball (girls and boys), football, cheerleading, wrestling, softball (girls), volleyball (girls and boys) and field hockey (girls).   
With a primary goal of providing fun and sports for all levels and ages of children in town, the NABC is defined by volunteerism and community spirit. Many hundreds of parents and other citizens have given freely of their time through the years to ensure this goal.
Throughout its 60 year history, the NABC has had nine Presidents. Harold Trombly served as the first President from 1950 to 1952 and was succeeded by Bill McEvoy who had the longest and most influential run as NABC President from 1953 to 1977. Under Bill’s direction and leadership, the Booster Club flourished and expanded from a single baseball team, to a multi-sport organization. In remembering the early years of the Booster Club, Bill credited the men of the North Andover Fire Department for their enthusiasm, creativity and determination to provide our youth with the best opportunity to compete and learn to play the game. “The early Booster Club survived on popcorn sales,” McEvoy stated. “We would have bags of popcorn all over the fire station and Fire Chief Jim Daw would enter the station and exclaim, “Where’s McEvoy!!!”
While under Bill’s leadership the NABC recorded many milestones; in 1954 the baseball program expanded to four teams for in town play (Giants, Pirates, Red Sox, and Indians) and the Carl Thomas first concession stand was built. In 1960, the youth football program was started by Joe Walsh, Ron Fountain, Ted Snell and Bill. Seven years later, the boys basketball program was established under the direction of Bob Adiconis. Bob retired from the Booster Club Board of Directors in 2004 after serving as Basketball Commissioner for over 35 years. In 1972, the cheerleading program began. Joan Heafey was the first cheerleading coach. 
Joe Walsh was the next President of the Booster Club from 1978 to 1980. Joe continued to serve on the Board of Directors of the Club until 2000 and was the founder of the Cape Ann Youth Football League and the Commissioner of NABC Football for 32 years. Joe was considered one of the finest NABC leaders. 
In 1979, the youth wrestling program was begun by Steve Henry and Ron Wedge.    
Leo Martin succeeded Joe Walsh and served as President from 1981 to 1991. The NABC continued to grow in number of youth participants and programs offered through his tenure. The girls basketball program was started by Bob Adiconis in 1982.
After Leo, Al Perry (1992) and Jack Gaffny (1993 to 1995) served as Booster Club Presidents. Al and Jack expanded the board of directors of the club to increase participation by town citizens and to meet the growing needs of our community. It was during these years that the NABC worked closely with town officials, high school administrators, coaches and parents to meet the challenges presented by sport user fees and limited playing fields. 
Under the direction of Tim Pybus, the president from 1996 to 2003 the NABC added two more sports for girls. The girls’ softball program was started by Jim McAloon and Frank Stewart in 1998 and girls’ volleyball was offered in 2003 under the direction of George Hillman. In addition, the largest project in NABC history was successfully completed in 1996 when the new Carl Thomas Field and Concession Hut were built by NABC parents and volunteers.
Terry Holland became president in 2003 and came to the role with a wealth of experience as football commissioner and coach, baseball coach, and legendary volunteer activities. Under Terry’s leadership of the Booster Club the first cohesive NABC website was started and the ability to register on-line became a reality.  Girl's Field Hockey was started in 2004 by Kara Winne and Cheerleading grew under the leadership of Co-commissioners Judy McVey, Debbie Savoia and Kathy Vaillancourt.  Terry still serves the board as an Active Past President and Fields Committee.